Loud 150 DB Train Air Horns with Air Compressor

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Loud 150 DB Train Air Horns with Air Compressor
Loud 150 DB Train Air Horns with Air Compressor
Loud 150 DB Train Air Horns with Air Compressor
Loud 150 DB Train Air Horns with Air Compressor
Loud 150 DB Train Air Horns with Air Compressor


  • Alert drivers in other cars listening to loud music
  • Alert cars pulling out on you from a greater distance
  • Keep you and your family safer when driving
  • Easy installation, simply use your cars existing horn wires
  • Blares out 150 dB loud and powerful warning sound
  • Weather resistant
  • Made from premium and high-quality materials
  • Suitable for all types of Vehicle

Package includes:

Air Compressor, wires & relay.

Product Specifications:

  • Trumpet Diameter: 90mm / 3.54in
  • Trumpet Length: 450mm / 17in
  • Material: Chrome Plated Metal
  • Fitment: Any 12V / 24V vehicle

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Model Year


Model Name

air horn

External Testing Certification


Item Length


Item Width


Item Height


Item Weight


Item Diameter


Material Type

Metal, ABS

Special Features

Single trumpet air horn

Item Type

Multi-tone & Claxon Horns

Feature 5

horn 12v

Feature 4

loud car horn

Feature 3

150db loud car horn

Feature 2

horn 12v ,truck horn ,car horn

Feature 1

car horn,truck horn

Type 1


Hz of the hor

110 hertz

Car Model





Attachment screws and brackets included

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87 reviews for Loud 150 DB Train Air Horns with Air Compressor

  1. R***r

    The box came in completely shattered and arrived with a screw minus the back of the bugle, arrived before the month

  2. T***s

    trop cool Ford ranger

  3. I***v

    Fast delivery, nothing damaged, everything works fine, but thought it works louder.

  4. R***k

    I take the second. I will put two

  5. F***c

    satisfied, recomended

  6. Y***n

    Great product. Quality. The sound is correct, loud and deep. Installation cost me 7 minutes

  7. P***g

    Works great and is really loud!

  8. E***v

    Delivered quickly, without damage, but in a crumpled package.

  9. R***o

    All as in the description. The packaging is sad, the whole box is crumpled in trash. Everything works, the sound is crazy …. I recommend.

  10. A***V

    At customs something was issued and not issued! Dudka sdek came quickly! I took it for a loaf, dud from the battery works perfectly, almost did not put it in my pants. Recommend!! 5 stars

  11. F***y

    Works flawless, crazy sound and sends fast

  12. H***n

    Really loud nice

  13. Y***a

    Satischeto mannifico store excellent product and fast delivery. super satisfied.

  14. G***q


  15. M***s

    Super Fast shipping recommended store

  16. S***o

    Dudka bomb!!!!!! I recommend.

  17. T***i

    Hello Great product! The 150 DB is real! More protection is needed for transport! Twisted trumpet but works. Thank you TITI

  18. N***n

    The store is sociable, the parcel was sent a day after the order. I got it fast. A good pipe and dudit loudly (even taxi drivers are scared). While the signal works properly, but the time will show. You can take it.

  19. V***o

    The goods came for a month through kazakhstan, russia. Tracked, in appearance quality. Good store. I recommend.

  20. K***e

    Fully same as cooking. Shipping genuine surprised the 22nd January days order by standing in January day arrived, the store thank God.

  21. W***n

    To tula within 10 days, works perfectly

  22. J***T

    According to my expectation, fast delivery

  23. A***a

    Came sdek. quality norms. I haven’t put it yet.

  24. M***y

    hello, today the mail has delivered the shipment, so everything is OK. Thank you dealers. 🙂

  25. A***V

    The goods came for a month, lay long in the post office, neither hearing nor spirit, until he called, did not know that it was possible to take. On the goods itself, the fire, the compressor is very powerful, blows from the heart, but to place it under the hood, you need to seal, and a little fantasize. I advise you.

  26. G***t

    Very very powerful. Intended for truck use, it will end up in my Renault 4. As advertised

  27. P***a


  28. S***c

    Perfect compressor is very small (seems ridiculous compared to the tube) for now he’s doing the job well Things to see in time

  29. D***n

    work good no installation harness very loud!!!

  30. V***v

    It came without delay. Dudet has not tried yet.

  31. D***T

    Perfect, beautiful finish and very powerful sound, contains compressor, pipe and tube, A little domage that the relay is not provided with, delivery very fast despite a referral due to wrong destination

  32. G***v

    All gut, only packed not very, but finished

  33. A***v

    Quality standards. Until i checked. Packing so-so, it was possible and better to pack. I’ll add later.

  34. D***a

    The signal during transportation was deformed. the store offered money.

  35. O***n

    Dudit as a locomotive!!!! I recommend

  36. N***a

    The box came very crumpled. i thought that broke everything. on the compressor chips, scratch. checked-dudit. really loud. i didn’t believe i ‘d be that impressed. after 3 times the first pressing the signal burned 15 ampere fuse. 20 while holding. but i try not to smoke for a long time. So as not to overload the signal. and people are shaken and fight. tuparei shock on the road itself. how much will serve-it is only to hope. it came 3 weeks krasnodar kr.

  37. A***V

    The goods came damaged during transportation (breaks the horns, but buzzes normally), but the store immediately returned half the amount.

  38. E***n

    Dudoulka beast! She’s not yelling, she’s yelling! If the room is choked, really ears hurt. Only note-the current consumes a huge, i connected 100 ampere ammeter-scale was not enough, in the auto plug directly to the battery through the relay, which power to the regular signal, and not just stupidly flip the wires. Many ddelka is broken-i’m lucky, whole. Delivery is fast. I recommend!

  39. A***i

    Reached for a month, the box is ordinary cardboard, of course mint, but the dudka itself and the pump externally did not suffer, the pump is attached separately from the dudka, has not yet checked, i will add

  40. N***v

    It came quickly. The box is a little crumpled, but it seems to be the whole. I’ll put it down. Seller recommend.

  41. G***s

    The store three times requested to pay for the shipment or cancel the order. I wrote to him that i paid once and that it was not beautiful on his part. In four days he still sent the parcel. Tracked to the house, a little less than a month before the p. Altai. Packed badly, in nutria everything chatted, but everything is intact. The package was cut and glued with simple tape, i admit that it is customs or russian post. An old battery with a motor block, blew, only two times, then the signal disappeared, the compressor worked very loudly. Thought han signaled. Connected startjumper and the pipe screamed like a locomotive. That’s the power! Will have to put through the relay and a separate fuse. The assessment is reduced only for the fact that the seller pulled with the shipment, and the packaging is not clear on whose conscience. I’m happy with the dudochka, less than a thousand, without damage and do not need to rub extra.

  42. V***h

    Dudka reached the destination in the rostov region for 30 days, in general everything is fine, works, but the packaging in which it came leaves much to the teacher.

  43. S***v

    All would be nothing, but here is the box torn! And in general, the goods of good quality, how to write later.

  44. V***k

    Fast shipping. The description corresponds. Very loud. I recommend;)

  45. A***v

    The order came very quickly. corresponds to the description. looks great. checked works. Seller and shop recommend.

  46. E***n

    Ordered 11.11, and came 21.12. I took pre-order, in the end it turned out $13.74. Dudka came in an ordinary box with a puffy. The box was naturally wrinkled, dudka remained intact. Immediately checked on the battery directly, everything works. To be loud and safe for the machine, connect only via relay and fuse. Instructions how to do it, full. Just google. I read from reviews that it is necessary to protect it from water both the camppressor and the very dudku.

  47. M***d


  48. A***o

    They arrived earlier than they say but uba does not work the other perfect do

  49. D***k

    amazing quality and super easy to install. fast shipping from the store. i highly recommend this seller

  50. V***n

    Very good quality! All metal… He honks super loud! Like an 18 t truck✌←

  51. Q***g

    Very good, friendly and good support thank you

  52. Customer


  53. I***v

    Necessarily through the relay, the fuse 15a burns instantly. The horn is good!

  54. Customer

    I just got it but i haven’t placed it yet and i don’t know if it works when i try it. pongo also

  55. M***u

    package arrived quick and in good condition. not installed yet.

  56. R***v

    Well, there are no questions on delivery, the quality is not yet checked-winter.

  57. M***v

    The sound is loud. There are no terminals for connecting power to the compressor. We have to solder the wires

  58. D***h

    The packaging is very wrinkled, but the contents are in order. The volume is high, the tone is quite low, the power likes good. Very satisfied with the acquisition!

  59. V***v

    Hello, thanks for the goods everything is fine, the only thing that i would like is the installation instruction in russian and the relay in the kit let it be more expensive but do not have to buy the missing parts, and so everything is fine only the packaging was a little wrinkled but it is important that nothing was hurt, thank you!!!

  60. A***v

    The track came quickly tracked throughout the journey. The store is sociable. I advise this seller. The only thing on the pump was a jamb, the photo is visible. The plus glue fell inside the pump, it was not critical pulled out. Clema’s fixed. Everything works.

  61. N***o

    It’s fine. The sound is low and loud. True the motor compressor did not want to start the first time, the air pressure blew it and about the miracle all earned)

  62. A***v

    Blowing on the hurray set the signal loudly all shiver and at the traffic light sleeping wake up instantly and fly away like ** on the rocket))))

  63. V***n

    The goods came quickly, the packaging is crumpled (russian post), the pipe itself is whole, the sound is a bomb.

  64. B***i

    Jó és erős a hangja. Kicsit sérült a szállítás miatt a motor, de működik.

  65. I***n

    Sent quickly and on the correct mail channel, i.e. And delivered quickly. Packing is a box in a thin package. The box is strongly wrinkled, the parts of the device in the box dangled and rattled. But fortunately, there are no dents and scratches. Already checked. Buzzing great! It buzzes powerfully, not whistles/squeaks. The compressor also buzzes strongly :(. I’m afraid that the compressor will not last long with this quality. Replace the compressor can and car pump. The current consumes about 8 amps.

  66. M***m

    Super Fast shipping,

  67. O***h

    Order made 14.11.18. tracked. at the customs office came on 27.11.18. the order from the mail i took 04.12.18 and then the most interesting began. on the package the tape in the file was glued the act of damage to the package and the lack of weight in a smaller direction, made 27.11.18 tons. e. when passing customs. removing the package with the file saw another package that was torn and crumpled In the ragged horn and compressor, there was no hose at all. checked the compressor from akum-does not work. 04.12.18 opened a dispute that the store offered compensation of $2, but i refused this offer. 06.12.18 ali returned the money. i want to say that if you order from this seller ask for better packaging. the iron iron horn was fucked to straighten. did not work!!!

  68. C***o

    Fast delivery, horn with good finish and a good sound.

  69. A***k

    Box all mint but surprisingly the signal is intact, let’s see how much will work

  70. W***w

    Ordered 30 10 2018, received 12 04 2018, came, in appearance, like a whole, only barely noticeably clamped pipe, the edge, jambs in paint, one bubble and inside the pipe is not painted, rust or where did not notice, in the kit there are rubber bands under the fasteners (rubber soft), Dubious quality of the motor itself, as it does not look neat at all, it is interesting how much it will work, a tube like silicone (i do not understand well) soft, dresses tight, harnesses i hope not need, check the work and write off

  71. D***d

    Nice delivered within 2 weeks

  72. Customer

    The product is good, the description matches, but packed disgusting! I ordered two signals one came with a bent clamp and chrome was damaged on the second. For complete happiness i would like from the producer to receive as compensation another not deformed bell. In the rest, the store is happy i advise you to order! Signals checked, two in a pair buzzing like a locomotive!

  73. O***k

    The goods came not to the workers, the store did not go out, the support service returned the money

  74. P***s

    Fast shipping all OK

  75. I***v

    I got everything, the delivery of lightning, until i put it, i’ll write it off as i mount it on the car.

  76. Customer

    It’s working super. Related store of the

  77. T***d

    Very loud!

  78. K***v

    Fast shipping, good product. I’ve tested it, works perfectly. I don’t have a tester to measure the decibels, but the sound is very loud. When I use it in my village, the rail station officer is dropping the barriers. Highly recommended store, Thanks!

  79. T***k

    Came all the whole, until i tried it, if i do not add additional feedback, then everything is super =)

  80. D***a

    Super product, very fast delivery to the Czech Republic for 12 days Thank you

  81. E***t

    Haven’t tried does a heavy. Good looks

  82. A***v

    The parcel came quickly!! Packed not very. The pipe is not wrinkled.

  83. A***v

    It came very quickly, it works, thank you

  84. G***a

    Awesome dudit, like a locomotive!!! Very satisfied! Came in for 11 days. Excellent store, i recommend! The seller gave the site for tracking, the track beat in detail in each shipment point! Respect.

  85. D***s

    Thank you

  86. D***s

    It is worth it! The sound of hell!

  87. V***i

    thanks. it was fast and accurate.

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